Episode 61

Episode 61: The Keto episode with Celine Evans and Allen Lim

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It's finally time for the TriDoc to take on the keto diet. Although you likely have heard all about how keto can fix pretty much anything that ails you AND make you faster at the same time, the reality is somewhat different from the sales pitch that keto adherents love to espouse.The evidence on keto is actually really consistent: yes you can lose weight quickly but you won't keep it off and you definitely won't perform better. In fact you will perform worse. Nutritionist Celine Evans joins me to discuss the science that has been done on the keto diet and Allen Lim, founder of Skratch Labs talks carbohydrates and race day fueling as well as why you will want to stay away from keto if going fast is of any interest to you.


[17:40]- Celine Evans-the science and rationale for the keto diet

[44:00]- Allen Lim-carbohydrates


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