Episode 65

Episode 65: Gluten free diet/Pt 2: Sara Gross & Sarah True

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Humans domesticated wheat millennia ago and in so doing created a civilization. Despite a harmonious and fruitful relationship, the past decade has seen a revolution against the grain precipitated by one man and his book 'Wheat Belly'. The subsequent rush to a gluten free lifestyle has been as rapid as it is mystifying. Is there any scientific evidence to support the claims in Wheat Belly or is it all one man's theorizing? And what of claims that being gluten free can enhance athletic performance? I look at the evidence. Plus, the conclusion of my entertaining and thought provoking interview with Sara Gross and Sarah True-in this segment we discuss the role for men in advocating for women in triathlon as well as their thoughts on transgender women in the sport.


[06:30]- Gluten free diet

[16:00]- Pt. 2: Sara Gross & Sarah True


FODMAP diet: https://www.monashfodmap.com

Live Feisty Media: link

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