Episode 87

Spirulina/Laura Siddall

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Spirulina is the name given to the extract of two species of blue green algae. Easy to cultivate and harvest, the plant is a remarkable source of nutrients and was once touted by NASA as the 'food of the future' and has even been grown in space for that purpose. Spirulina has gained popularity as a supplement as well and not just for nutrition but also for its purported effects on exercise performance. What does the science say and is this at long last a supplement that I can get behind? Plus, an entertaining and informative interview with British professional triathlete Laura Siddall. Laura didn't take the usual route to the pro ranks and despite her success remains grounded and very much active in giving back to anyone and everyone that she can.


[09:11]- Spirulina supplements

[25:00]- Laura Siddall


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