Episode 37

The TriDoc Podcast Ep. 37: Morton's Neuroma/Cespedes/Motivation in Isolation

Morton's Neuroma is a common cause of foot pain especially in middle age and more so in women. What is it and how can it be treated? George Cespedes has a long history in triathlon and is now a coach but more importantly is the driving force behind the Tri Animals group on FaceBook. He joins me to talk about what drew him to the sport and how he has developed the Animals into a worldwide influencer of positive energy in multisport. Finding Motivation in Isolation is difficult enough for age groupers, it is a whole different level for professional triathletes whose livelihoods have been completely upended. Alise Selsmark and Cal Millward have an intimate perspective on both worlds as pros themselves and operators of the age group team the Cupcake Cartel. They join me to talk about how they are doing and to give ideas for you to keep moving forward as well in this time of uncertainty.

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Jeff Sankoff is an emergency physician, multiple Ironman finisher and the TriDoc. Jeff owns TriDoc Coaching and is a coach with LifeSport Coaching. Living in Denver with his wife and three children, Jeff continues to race triathlons while producing the TriDoc podcast.