Episode 8

The TriDoc Podcast, Episode 8: Adrenal Fatigue?!-Matt Legrand-Eagleman70.3/IMMD

In this episode the TriDoc does an investigation to uncover the facts underlying adrenal fatigue. What is it? Does it even exist? Should you be worried? Matt LeGrand, podcaster, triathlete, coach and YouTube personality is here to discuss how barriers to entry can be overcome in order for new triathletes to access an exciting and fulfilling sport. Finally, Sean Hale joins me to discuss Eagleman 70.3 and IMMD in a new segment I call Traithlete Routard-a concise travel guide to some of the popular races on the IM calendar.

About the Podcast

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The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place
A fresh take on all things triathlon with a special focus on health and wellness topics. Train hard, train healthy.

About your hosts

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Jeffrey Sankoff

Jeff Sankoff is an emergency physician, multiple Ironman finisher and the TriDoc. Jeff owns TriDoc Coaching and is a coach with LifeSport Coaching. Living in Denver with his wife and three children, Jeff continues to race triathlons while producing the TriDoc podcast.
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Maddy Pesch

Maddy is a professional triathlete and coach for Team Sirius. In 2020 she joined the TriDoc podcast as an indomitable intern and has an outsized role in preparing the information used in each episode's medical segment.