Episode 48

Episode 48: Overtraining syndrome/Frazer Atkinson mental performance coach

We often hear of overtraining but it seems quite nebulous. Is it really a thing? How is it defined and diagnosed and treated and most importantly can it be prevented? These are surprisingly tough questions to answer and I explain why as well as the current state of understanding of this complex issue. Endurance athletes and triathletes spend a lot of time preparing their bodies for competition but are they preparing their minds? Frazer Atkinson, a mental performance coach joins me to discuss this important aspect of getting the best from ourselves.

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Jeff Sankoff is an emergency physician and triathlete and is also the producer of the TriDoc Podcast. He also works with his daughter Sam on the podcast Dead and Slaughter, The Dad and Daughter Horror Show. He has a long running love of all things film though maybe not so much when it comes to the horror genre.