Episode 35

The TriDoc Podcast: Ep. 35: The Triathlete's guide to understanding Cvoid-19/Mikael Ericksson/Motivation in Isolation

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world in ways that we can barely begin to comprehend. Why all the fuss? The TriDoc brings a triathlete's perspective to understanding this disease and why we need to take it so seriously. How long will all this last and what can we do to stay safe?Mikael Ericksson preaches the science behind triathlon and has a podcast dedicated to the same. He joins me to give his perspective on this and other matters in coaching and training. Finding motivation in this time of isolation can be difficult. On a new segment I speak to a guest to learn how they are managing.

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The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place
A fresh take on all things triathlon with a special focus on health and wellness topics. Train hard, train healthy.

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Jeffrey Sankoff

Jeff Sankoff is an emergency physician, multiple Ironman finisher and the TriDoc. Jeff owns TriDoc Coaching and is a coach with LifeSport Coaching. Living in Denver with his wife and three children, Jeff continues to race triathlons while producing the TriDoc podcast.